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PB Trailers is a custom interior builder for Car or Toy Haulers and Living Quarter Trailers in North Texas. We take the exterior as it is but recommend that you use ATC, Elite, Exiss, Featerlite or Sundowner trailers. We have selected these trailers due to the fact that they meet the needs we have for design and structural integrity. We are different in that we do every thing from the architectural design to the layout to the build out to meet your needs and desires. All custom to the wood used to the layout of each and every room on the trailer is designed to meet your dreams of a perfect trailer. Why we are so different than the rest is that we use products that the others do not even realize exist or do not use do to the fact of the cost of the products. We use many products that are used on high end yachts and motor coaches.

We are a small company and focus on quality not quantity; our current wait time is about 6 month out for delivery. Contact us to discuss your customizable adventure seeking design. If we don't get back to you right away we are busy working on getting our current clients trailer completed. In most case we will return calls and messages in the evening. In some case we may even be out enjoying our own trailers testing new designs (that's what it is testing). Thanks for your interest!

AC Heat

AC Heat


We do not use the traditional roof top noise vibrating energy hogs opting to use a different style all together. Mini-Splits are what we use in all of our custom builds. Mini-Splits are quieter, more efficient and cool much faster. The Mini-Splits require 24 Volt which a traditional RV or Living Quarters Trailer will not have. By using the 24 volt we are able to accomplish many different advantages as you will see. Yes, they are more expensive but as we have stated many times we’re a custom builder striving to build you the best. It just takes a little more effort and the use of quality products from around the world to accomplish this.


Heating your unit is very easy being that we have installed either a hyuronic hot water system that will double as a blower unit or the webesto blower unit for the hot water both provides air heating. In addition your AC Mini-Split will also have a heat pump installed giving you two factors in which to heat your unit. Depending on the area you are traveling to both may come in handy.



Now we are talking about a shocking subject that will really en”lighten” you. First we use all LED bulbs this saves about 70% of your energy that you normally use on lighting. In addition to the LED’s we start by powering the unit with 24 volts! Only high end million dollar coaches use a 24 volt system that we know of. Our units can stay off the grid for weeks or months as long as you have diesel fuel.


We start by powering our units with a 15000KW diesel generator choosing a Lombardini or Cummins as the main power unit. These workhorses are not necessary the quiets but are the most efficient. Next we have four lithium-ion batteries that can store a massive amounts of power storage. These batteries can run your unit for days without recharging.


Now we go to charging; by using the lithium-ion batteries we are able to super-charge these batteries in less than an hour running off the 15000KW diesel generator at 3 phase maximum amps. We do this by using a similar charging system to the Tesla Cars. These batteries are not like normal batteries that can take days to recharge and only take a trickle charge we are able to charge the batteries to full power in less than an hour!



If you are like us a spit bath is not what we signed up for on our outing nor is that enjoyable; the traditional units on the road have a 6 gallon hot water tank! Really? The average person takes a shower for 7 minutes. Using this number that means you were out of hot water for 4 minutes of your shower. And if you have someone else waiting to take a shower; well you get the chilling point.

So we have a solution just like your house or maybe not like everybody’s house but our units have endless hot water! Yep! Not only do we have endless hot water but we have a water saving technique that will save the cold water that goes to the shower head until it reaches the desired heat you prefer. Not only do you have ready hot water at the shower head but you are saving precious water at the same time!

We use two different types of units both running on diesel fuel; our units all are diesel fuel only! We have a hyuronic system aqua hot or a diesel heated air system from Webasto; these units are typical of what you would see on a high-end yacht. By using diesel we are extremely energy efficient and safety is the first concern. Diesel is less flammable than propane, easier to obtain and easier to store.

Water Storage

By using these types of trailers we are structurally able to carry large amounts of water. Using the spread axle layout we are able to distribute our weight in less likely places rather than underneath a couch which give more room in the live area of your unit. We offer two different type of water storage; custom aluminum tanks built into the trailer its self with baffles to eliminate slosh or custom traditional plastic tanks. Most of our units leave with the capacity of storing 250 gallons of fresh water!

The design is the key in placing the weight accordingly. Not only do we provide huge amounts of fresh water but water pressure is also a key luxury. Like your house has a good 40 pounds of pressure coming out of the faucet our units will equal that. We use pumps that will push up to 5 gallons of water a minute which eliminates the sputtering of water coming out of a faucet. Ironically this helps save water!

Grey Water

As we have 250 gallons of fresh water we have to have a place for it after it is used. Or do we? Technology has come a long way. We offer a new system that has the ability to filter your gray water to use for bathing over and over. Test have been done and even come back with the recycled water as being cleaner that it was to begin with. This reduces that amount of water that you have to refresh your tanks allowing you to stay out longer and reduce the times you have to go to the dump station. In fact our units can even avoid ever having to go to a traditional RV dump station! The simple explanation is it’s a 3 stage filtering process using charcoal, ultraviolet lighting and micor icon filters that you can change out very simply. You can choose the standard gray water tanks as well.

Black Water

As we stated about the grey water if you chose the filtering system you still might think that you have to dump the black water waste. There are new types of commodes available but we have used with great success; a commode that slide out from underneath a cabinet instead of always being in the way. This unit has a simple foil like pouch that spends into disposable garbage like bag that can go into and dumpster or trash and is self-contain and has many uses twisting after each use. When comparing to the cost of a dump station and the disposal packets the cost is very similar but removes the unpleasant dump factor.



Hardwoods; no soft touch walls here! We use hand crafted hardwood throughout the unit top and sides. Soft touch wall to us means cheap cardboard with cloth or vinyl on it that can droop, sage, and attract smells and odors. We hand pick all of the hardwoods we us in your unit sanding and stain to perfection. Our technique is unique in that we install each board in a way to helps the structure of the trailer but still giving it flexibility to move as the trailer goes down the road.

In addition to the Hardwoods used on the surface of the aluminum we first coat the entire interior of the trailer using Line-X (this is the same material that quality bed liners are made from). This helps seal the trailer for any air leaks and removes any squeaks that may have been present and more importantly stops a big problem associated with trailers “condensation and moisture”. We then used either spray foam insulation or your choice of insulations to meet your needs.




Custom hardwoods like the walls and roof. Designed for space saving yet luxurious looks and ample storage. Due to the fact of the trailer structure and weigh barring you can have granite counter tops if you choose.


1.5 CU. FT. Stainless Steel Convection Microwave Oven or your choice from many options

Stainless Steel Triple Sealed Burner LP or Diesel Cooktop with Solid Surface Covers or your choice from many options

Stainless Steel 18 CU. FT. Residential Refrigerator or your choice from many options

Counter Tops

Thin Granite or Polished Solid Surface with Tile Backsplash your choice from many options




We do not use the traditional Plexiglas window opting for a better design with the ability for the shade to be slid from within the window rather than an ugly little curtain. If you like ugly curtains and shades hope we did not offend you. We use windows sparingly opting for the room on the interior of the unit. Think of a yacht they do not have many windows and are still very luxurious.

Sky Light

Sky light and power roof vent remote control that automatically provides rain free ventilation controls fan speed, thermostat, air intake and exhaust functions

Shower Bath Room

Shower Stall

We even build tile with glass doors

Roomy large title shower w/clear 5/8" arcrlyic door w/ linear drain.

all of our plumbing fixures are the same as residental fixtures



All of our plumbing and electricity is easily accessible and insulated. This is a main factor in our designing. You need to have access because problems happen, easy to reach pumps, valves, gages, switches, fuses, and lines for quick repairs. We design all of our plans so that you do not need to go to a service center for repairs. Our concept is by using quality products from around the world from high-end yachts to European designed systems you should not even need to visit one.


Roomy large title shower w/clear 5/8" arcrlyic door w/ linear drain, w/ sky light and power roof vent remote control that automatically provides rain free ventilation controls fan speed, thermostat, air intake and exhaust functions.


We have a passion for doing things differently! Now that you have a better idea of what we're about let's start putting the attitude and those finishing touches on your highly specialized custom interior on your new trailer.